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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions


What is included in my vendor package?

We provide you with a 6ft Table, 2 Chairs & a Tablecloth to display your products and/or services.


How long are vendors able to showcase?

Just as with the stores in the mall, vendors are able to showcase their businesses during all hours that the mall is open to the public.


Am I required to break down my display every night?

You are allowed to leave your set-up overnight if you desire. However, it is at your own risk.  We ask that you cover your display and remove any valuables.


Am I allowed to sell food on-premises?

Vendors are allowed to sell pre-packaged food during the showcase. Vendors are also allowed to distribute pre-packaged samples.  However, no food preparations are allowed on site. 


Am I allowed to sell my products and services on-site?

YES!!! Our vendors are allowed to make transactions with mall customers during the mall's hours open to the public unless otherwise stated.


Are refunds & transfers allowed?

We will refund your fees in the event that the event is canceled or the date is changed. All vendor packages are for the specific date and location that they are purchased for and cannot be applied to another showcase


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